SeneGence has the BEST Foundation on the Planet!!!

SeneGence Foundation does everything you need! It glides on your skin and gives your face a flawless airbrushed look! It is HD Quality Foundation that will make your photos & videos look amazing! There is no photo editing necessary when you use SeneGence makeup!

42462AE2-3433-41FB-9544-E4FD0274B67B.png There are so many reasons why SeneGence foundation is the best foundation on the planet 🌎!

SeneGence has three beautiful coverages — tinted moisturizer (the sheerest coverage – perfect for a quick on-the-go look or to wear under your foundation as a primer!), regular MakeSense foundation (offering the fullest coverage and is the most water resistant), and advanced anti-aging foundation which contains SeneShield!  Seneshield protects your skin from the daily hazards it is exposed to like toxic pollution and UV Rays.

All three foundations contain SenePlex  Complex, which is a special anti-aging ingredient that speeds up cellular renewal which makes skin younger and more beautiful!

SeneGence Foundation combined with daytime moisturizer will give you an SPF Coverage of 30.  SeneGence does not use the chemical SPF.  It is formulated with special botanicals that works as an SPF!

SeneGence Foundation is also formulated with a green pigment that covers redness!  I have done several makeovers and am always amazed how beautiful all three foundations balance out red skin and cover imperfections.

Each shade can be used on a multitude of skin tones.  It is made with smart technology so it can adapt 4 shades up and down!  It is perfect for people with skin that is tanner during summer months!

SeneGence Foundation does everything you need it to do!  It blends beautifully, stays on, no streaks from water or tears, doesn’t clog your pores, water resistant, oil free, non comedogenic, looks airbrushed.


DO YOU WANT TO HEAR THE BEST PART?!  It has HD technology!  It’s perfect for selfies!  It’s perfect for live videos!  It has a smooth airbrushed flawless finish!  It’s picture perfect!!

Do you want to see how beautiful this foundation looks?!  Check out this video on YouTube! SeneGence Foundation

But wait you still haven’t heard the best news about SeneGence foundation!!!   A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each make sense foundation cosmetic profit benefits the nonprofit Make Sense foundation!   Joni gives back in a huge way! ❤️

Trust me … it’s time to try the foundation! Don’t forget, we have a bottom of the bottle guarantee … the only thing you have to lose is a few wrinkles! 😍


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Author: Cheryl's Fabulous Faces

I’m 45. I have 4 children. Two of my kids are in their 20s and 2 are toddlers! I have a fabulous life! I sell the best skin care and makeup ever! You really need to check it out. It is making my friends and family look 10 years younger! They are GLOWING!

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